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A beautifully located cafeteria and restaurant surrounded by the baltic sea in the heart of Helsinki. 

We are one of the most ecological and green cafes in Finland; powered by solar panels, windpower and seapower. We try to use as much as possible ecologically produced ingredients and we also recycle all of our garbage. In the men's toilet we use water free toilets which saves us about 400 000 l of water annually. All of our eggs are organic and the mushrooms we use in our food are grown using the coffee ground from our espresso machine.

We offer amazing food with beautiful surroundings. We serve a la carte food, breads and soup, and a big variety of home baked buns and cakes. You can also find vegetarian and vegan options. 

We are easily located by walking distance from the Trams 2 & 3 - and bus 14 & 18. 

Welcome and enjoy!